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The last two months have been so exciting for everyone involved in A Syrian Love Story. Seeing the family from the film together on stage for a Q & A, after a screening at a packed out Tuschinski cinema in Amsterdam, was an incredibly emotional and humbling experience. Then two days later having the London premiere at the BFI was something I'll never forget.

Whilst you are in the middle of such a long, complicated and emotional edit it's sometimes hard to know what the reaction will be or whether people will share the enthusiasm and feeling that we all had, but when the film was released in cinemas in the UK to numerous five star reviews and critical praise it was a beautiful feeling. And finally when it was broadcast on BBC1 (The first time a Storyville has ever been shown on BBC1!), seeing and hearing the reactions from the public and how it touched and caught the their imagination, it was something that none of us could have hoped for. Here are a selection of the reviews and comments:

"The Guardian ★★★★★:
Sean McAllister’s doc about a family of Syrian refugees would be compelling at any time. Now it's unmissable"

Financial Times ★★★★★:
"The deeper human truths of this documentary are here to stay"

Timeout ★★★★:
"An essential act of witnessing; a crucial conduit to understanding”

The Independent ★★★★:
"Heartbreaking portrait of a marriage unravelling"

Al Monitor:
the quintessential document of the Syrian war to date"

The BBC - Mark Kermode:
"A very, very fine documentary"



I am incredibly happy and proud to announce that the feature film I have spent the last two years editing won the Grand Jury Prize at The Sheffield Documentary Film Festival today. Sean McAllister is an incredible filmmaker, and it was such an experience and honour to work with him so closely over this time.

Jamaica Better Know!

At the end of last year I worked on a really fun project for Red Bull, following Grime pioneers Boy Better Know as they went on a trip to Jamaica to find out first hand where the roots of Grime originated. It's got a good vibe and they met some real legends.

They also wrote, recorded a shot a video for a new track whilst over there. Here's the video (Which I also cut)

Le Tour

Here are a couple of the films I cut for Team Sky just before the Tour De France kicked off, about how everyone was getting ready for Le Tour coming to Yorkshire.



This last year has been quite busy. I'm working on a feature documentary for Storyville, Directed by Sean McAllister, as well as some short documentaries for Banyak Films, which I'll post soon. In the meantime, here are a couple of projects I worked on for Red Bull at the end of last year. The first was for an event they staged celebrating the UK Club scene. The second is an episode from a series produced by Gramafilm following BMXer, Kriss Kyle, around the world as he met up and rode with his idols


Trevor Bayis

When I had a quiet week in the summer, I decided to make a short three minute documentary for a competition run by Focus Forward Films. I went and filmed Trevor Baylis, who is the genius who invented the wind-up radio, which helped to stop the spread of HIV in africa. I decided to do it primarily for fun, but I have in fact made it to the final. So fingers crossed. Here it is, and please vote if you like it (watch it to the end and the voting screen appears)


"I felt compelled to go underground"

I cut this a couple of months ago for Tate shots, but have been too busy to post a link. It's a short film about the incredible photographer Bruce Davidson.

TateShots: Bruce Davidson's Subway from Tate on Vimeo.


Are you ready to rinse it down...

Here's the 2nd video I've edited for the Samsung Galaxy Note 'Break Free' campaign. This one's about 'Man Like Me'. They've been around for a while but are now teetering on the brink of blowing up.


Love from Olek

Here's the first of three films I've recently cut for Samsung highlighting their Galaxy Note phone/Tablet.

There are two more on the way, I've just finished the second, which follows Man Like Me as they record their new album and perform at the How The Light Gets In festival.



Have just put up the Redbull ad takeover I edit before christmas. It was shown on Channel 4 during a few different ad breaks last week. Have a look at it in the Commercial/Corporate section. Keep an eye out for it at the cinema if you're going to see anything over the next couple of weeks.


Yes we can

The ad takeover I edited for RedBull aired last night across Channel 4's channels. It was a short film about some of the entrants to RedBull's 'Canimation' competition. It was made by James and Algor at GramaFilm and was shot on an Arri Alexa, in 10 or so different locations over 15 days straight. It took me just over a week to cut, but also involved loads and loads of logging. It's also going to be shown in Cineworld cinemas towards the end of the month, and should look amazing through a digital projector. I'll post it up in the next few days. This was my favourite winning entry:



As it's a new year I thought I'd make a couple of tweaks to the site as I was a bit bored of how it looked, when wow, I realised I've not updated the blog since August! I guess that's the downside of being so busy. Have been working pretty much non stop on projects for Nokia and Red Bull, which I'll give an update on in the not to distant future. Have also been working when I can on a documentary, which again I can hopefully shed some light on pretty soon. Off to Wales for it on Thursday. I hope the weather improves. I hailed in the new year by splashing out on the criterion DVD of Hiroshima Mon Amour. What a remarkable film.



Lack of updates are do to me taking a bit of time off: I've been doing various things over the past couple of months. I escaped the summer drizzle to New York for a month, and since then I've been doing various bits and pieces for Tate Media as well as some corporate work for Barclays

Hopefully i'm making some progress on getting the documentary I've been researching off the ground, but until then here's a TateShots I cut about the upcoming Don McCullin exhibition.


Good For Nothing

I've just got back from a trip to Barcelona. Funnily enough Barcelona was also the location for the new Hard-fi video, for which I cut the making of:



Have been working for the dudes at Skin Flicks on a couple of projects over the past few weeks. Just finished some teaser videos for a new viral for La Senza.

As well as that, I'm also just finishing up a 'Making Of' for Hard-Fi's new video, directed by Ben Crook. The video's looking tight, shot in Barcelona with some super sharp Stu Bentley cinematography skills.



The video I traveled around Asia editing is now up on youtube.



Last week saw the YouTube Symphony Orchestra finally perform at the Sydney Opera house. One of the profile films I cut was screened at the performance, Maria Chiossi. Check it out. Over a million hits so far.

I'll post a hi res version up soon, along with one of the other films I edited.



Been around the world and I-I-I...

Last week I got back from a whirlwind 8 day trip around Asia with the guys from Grama Film. Was out there editing some quick turnaround videos for Nokia promoting their new Series 40 phones for developing countries. We were shooting in Mumbai, Jakarta and Beijing. All pretty crazy places. It was pretty relentless (6 flights and about 50 hours of traveling) but managed to get enough down time to get a tuk tuk to Mumbai's 'best bar' Hawian Shack (which seemed to translate as 'Wine Shop') as well as to watch the producer eat a deep fried tarantula in Beijing!




Mud and YouTube

Hello. I've uploaded two new pieces of work today. The first is the promo I did for 'Tough Mudder'. They were really pleased with it, and it already has nearly 45,000 hits in the first month. It's pretty funny/mad stuff.

The other video is one of two artist profile videos I edited through Grama film for the YouTube Play event held at the Guggenheim last October. It's about Lisa Byrne, an artist and former Taxi Driver from Northern Ireland. She gives us an insight into how she went about creating 'Taxi III', a short film looking at the impact that the troubles in NI had on taxi drivers in different communities.



glückliches neues Jahr

Back into things this week. Have been watching Werner Herzog's amazing film "Little Dieter Needs to Fly" as part of some research for a project i'm hopefully embarking on. The guy involved's life is ridiculous.


Muddy Funster

This week i'm cutting a promo for Tough Mudder through GRAMA Film

It's making me cold just looking through the rushes...Which reminds me. I bought Magic Bullet Grinder this week. It looks snazzy, but still no match for MPEG Streamclip, which is surely the best software ever made for anything?!




Mute records this week released the supermegadeluxe Live DVD of the Barcelona leg of their world tour. 

I edited the EPK for it as well as some trailers. Higher res versions
<<<<<<<< here. 


New Website 

Selection of work plus updates of life. 

In the meantime, i'm glad Bedroom Intruder guy is managing to milk the interwebs